Friday, February 27, 2015

Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool

Navigating Early
Author: Clare Vanderpool
Lexile: 790
Length: 306 Pages
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Awards: Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence In Young Adult Literature
Reading Ram Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars


  Jack Baker has been plucked up like a desert plant then put to grow by the ocean. He's from Kansas, but when his mother dies at the end of World War II, his military officer father sends him to a boarding school in Maine. Jack isn't used to the ocean, he still hasn't gotten over his mothers death. And to top it off, his father and him haven't been on the best terms since his mother died. Jack has gotten into the swing of things at school, then he notices something, someone isn't attending the classes. Only one time in math did he see this person, Early Auden. Early's name is called on roll call in every class. When he's not there in all of them, no one worries at all. Jack discovers something about Early, he's... different. Early is smart, really smart. He lives in the basement, and has his own little world. Early sees the world in a different way, he finds stories in numbers. Jack helps Early, he needs it. Early has to go on an adventure, to find something he has to find. With Jack's help, they leave the school and go on an adventure upriver, fight bears and follow the path of Pi.
       I really liked this book a lot! The author is one of my favorites, Clare Vanderpool wrote Newbery Medal Winner Moon Over Manifest, and I loved that book a lot. This author made a great story for this book and I loved this book just as much as the other one! I really liked the parts in between the story with Early telling the story of what he saw in the number Pi. The author did a really good job of weaving all the parts of the story together to make sense. The reason I didn't give this book five stars is because I'm saving that for a really good book, which I don't think I have come across yet. But this book is definitely one of my top choices, it is a great book. You should definitely try this book out. I would recommend this book for sixth grade and up, kids in grade school might not really get it or like it. but overall, this book is wonderful and will make you extend your free time to finish it.


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