Friday, January 29, 2016

The Darkest Path

Author-  Jeff Hirsch
Lexile- 810
Page count-  pages
Genre- Dystopia, Adventure, Science-Fiction
It is on the St. Louis Area 2015-16 Book Battle Reading List

Have you ever had to make a touch choice? Every day Callum Roe has to make several tough choices - especially ones to keep his brother safe. Cal doesn't agree with the Glorious Path's message or existence, but he does what he can to survive. A Civil War has broken out between the Glorious Path - a military based religion created by one former US soldier, and the United States government.

Callum Roe and his little brother, James, were captured as young children and forced to convert by "choosing the Path." Each are given jobs to do, as well as prayers to memorize. Cal's main job is to be in charge of the dog kennels, and he tries to sneak them food when he can. He is sent out one day beyond the walls of the camp to find a stray dog, that eventually befriends him and travels along side him on his journey to freedom. Cal meets many kind people along his journey to escape "the Path." Many people make sacrifices to help him, and does what he can in return. This book is action-packed with many struggles within the main character, Cal, as well as external struggles. He attempts to save all he can around him, including the world. Such a huge task for a young man in a torn world.

If you like adventure and science-fiction, this is a great book to read.

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Eye of the World

Author- Robert Jordan
Lexile- 810L
Page count- 782
Genre- Fantasy
Awards- Bestselling series
My rating- ⅘ stars!

Ever thought you were meant for something more? That's exactly not what young farmer Rand Al'Thor thought, but he still gets caught up in something dangerous when the Dark One's army tries to attack him. Now he must travel to the city of the Aes Sedai, the witches of the land, for protection. But as the story progresses, the mystery increases as unanswered questions pile up. Why are the Dark One's soldiers after him? Who around him are really spies for The Dark One? Will the Aes Sedai protect him, or do they also have a hidden motive? Bestselling writer Robert Jordan takes you on an exciting adventure full of magic, mystery and action. 

I have it 4/5 Stars for the book being an exciting ride through an extremely detailed land.

Contributed by Hiram A.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Author- Alan GratzJack Gruener, and Ruth Gruener
Lexile- 760
Page count- 260 pages
Genre- Realistic fiction
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
It is on the St. Louis Area 2015-16 Book Battle Reading List

The book is based upon a real story about survival. In the 1930's a Jewish boy in Poland named Yanek, has his life change when the Nazis have taken over his world. Everything he has, and everyone he loves have been taken away. Yanek becomes a prisoner and is tattooed with the words. 

He is forced from one harsh concentration camp to another - 10 concentration camps to be exact. All of these places where he is starved, tortured, worked to the bone, and taught to be numb while somewhat surviving. It's something no one could imagine enduring.

Prisoner B-3087 is a rich book chockfull of detailed personal and emotional restraints, growth, revelations, and unspeakable infractions thrusted upon the human spirit. I connected with Yanek, the main character, on many levels; yet, at the same time, I could not imagine what he endured. Grit, loss, love, hope, fear, pain, mental anguish, self-discovery, religions faith...this book has it all. I enjoy most books I read, and this book will always haunt and inspire me.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Author- Ann Brashares
Lexile- 610
Page count- 294
Genre- Realistic fiction
Awards-  Book Sense Book of the Year Award for Children's Literature
My rating- ⅘ stars!

Have you ever imagined a summer being separated from all of your best friends? Well, that’s what summer is like for four best friends Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bridget. They nickname themselves, “the sisterhood.” The mothers of these four best friends met in a pregnant yoga class and the girls have been best friends ever since. Bridget has to go to a soccer camp in Mexico, Lena goes to Greece and visits her grandparents who barely know any english, Carmen visits her dad, and while every one of her friends going away, Tibby stays home and works at a local drugstore. Every girl is going on their own journeys, learning new things, seeking independence, making friends, and having fun.  The only thing that is keeping these girls connected to each other throughout the summer is the jeans. What jeans you may ask? Well, I guess you have to read the book to find out! I rate this book a ⅘ stars because I really love how the story is divided within four different perspectives of four very different girls, however, some people might not like an all girls based book. I also really liked seeking the hero’s journey behind it though.  I personally love this book because I never wanted to stop reading it and I always wanted to keep knowing what was going to happen next and it is a pretty quick read.     

Contributed by Lily K

Friday, January 1, 2016

Scarlett Undercover by Jennifer Latham

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Scarlett Undercover
Author: Jennifer Latham
Lexile: 670
Length: 320 Pages
Genre: Mystery
Awards: None
Reading Ram Star Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Stars

                  Scarlett is smart as a whip. She is also an amazingly sarcastic 15 year old girl. And she is a detective. The little sister of the best friend of a boy who committed suicide has contacted Scarlett and is looking for her help. Scarlett figures it will be an easy case. She thinks that it was a regular suicide, and nothing more. But she is proved mistaken. The little sister claims that her brother has been acting strangely lately, and she suspects that he had a hand in the suicide. Soon the suicide is looking just a little too much like a murder. Scarlett is now deep in the world of cults and curses, possibly the same things that murdered her father...
                   I really love this book!! I thought it was very clever with all of the mystery and secrecy. Scarlett was a super likable character. She was very sassy and awesome. She was one of my favorite characters in all of the books I have ever read!!! The reason I gave it 4.8 stars was because what they made Scarlett into was just a bit far-fetched. Sure, it made sense with the plot, but I just didn't like it. She was supposed to just be a detective, not... Well, I can't tell you that. I would recommend this book to 7th grade and up, because it deals with 'suicide'. So, yeah. I definitely recommend this book to you! It was amazing! You will not regret reading it!!!