Friday, March 4, 2016


Author- Bethany Wiggins (book series)
Lexile- 760
Page count- 304 hardcover
Genre- Dystopia
Awards- none yet
Rating:  5/5 Stars

This book falls into the Sci-Fi and Dystopian Fiction genre, because of it’s setting and time period. The book is set in a futuristic world, where bees have gone extinct. In this world, scientists make new genetically modified bees, which only causes more problems. Fiona Tarsis wakes up in a world she doesn’t remember, with a tattoo on her hand, ‘the mark of the beast’, except she’s totally ordinary. A fortress divides the beasts from the normal people. Fiona goes through an empowering journey to expose the government and interpret her strange world. She wakes up at her house, feeling younger than she looks. Fiona only remembers up till her 13th birthday. She soon bumps into Bowen, a childhood acquaintance. Bowen and Fiona head towards the wall. All of a sudden, they are restrained by a Rebel group, planning on making Fiona fight her brother, Jonah, a Level Ten beast. Bowen saves Fiona and Jonah and they are taken to the hospital inside the wall. Fiona, all along, was injected with a cure by Dr. Grayson and Lissa, Fiona’s sister. Bowen spreads the good news about the cure. The theme of this book is shown frequently. Protect the ones you love, no matter the cost. Both Bowen and Jonah show this, as they sacrificed and harmed their lives to protect Fiona. Bowen didn’t have to help Fiona and could have lived a safe, happy life. Jonah took care of his sister and covered her with his own body when the glass dome shattered. Both Bowen and Jonah had injuries from protecting Fiona. I liked this book because it contained both an amnesiac storyline and a dystopian one. It was different from most generic Dystopian books because Fiona had no background and was finding herself with the reader. Lovers of Dystopian Fiction and action-packed books are sure to enjoy this book. This book also has a sequel, "Cured!"

Contributed by: Hannah Abraham

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