Friday, June 24, 2016

Spy School

Spy School

Author: Stuart Gibbs
Pages: 304
Lexile: 740
Genre: Mystery, adventure
Rating: 5/5 stars

This book is called Spy-School, by Stuart Gibbs. It is a mystery and action book. It takes place in Washington D.C. The main characters travel to the Washington Monument, the National Mall and to the White House. The protagonist is Ben Ripley, and he is faced with the task of defeating SPYDER. Erica Hale is Ben’s best friend, and helps him defeat SPYDER.
It begins in a normal middle school, then Ben gets carted off to the academy of espionage and must take SACSA exams. also he gets attacked by a professional assassin. Then, he finds out that he is mole bait. his search to find the mole becomes more difficult when he finds a bomb under the school. Erica and ben get locked in a closet with the bomb. They successfully defuse it and save the school. In the end , Erica’s dad ends up stealing all the credit and claims it for himself.
It’s a story about danger and daring. I know this because they are constantly in danger. Furthermore, they are always running towards danger, like the fact that instead of hiding in the top of the Washington Monument. I really like this book because it is relatable. Also, there are lots of cool things and places that they go and do. Also, it puts a new perspective on life. I would recommend this book to anybody in middle school and up who likes realistic fiction. This is a great read, highly recommended. this book is one of my personal favorites.

Contributed by Liam D.

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