Friday, July 29, 2016

Big Game

Big Game

Author: Stuart Gibbs
Pages: 352
Lexile: 740
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4/5 stars

The entire story is based on finding out who shot at the rhinos and who robbed the ice cream and candy stores. C. There is action through the whole book. The setting of this book it at a zoo, and it is present time. D. The main character of Big Game is teddy, he is 12 years old, and his parents live and work at the zoo “Fun Jungle”. The other main characters are teddy’s parents, they are important to the story. This book continues from a series of two other books, so you may want to read those first.

The story starts when the keepers are walking the elephants and they hear a loud rifle shot, this small event will be very important throughout the whole story, it is the first main event to happen. When Big Game starts to have more action is, when teddy is accused of robbing a ice cream and candy store, when he never did and there was no real evidence of it, it also seems to look like it wasn't a human that did it. Later in the story the author puts in a plot twist that maybe one of the monkeys escaped and broke in, but the mean security guard marge is determined to catch him and arrest him.

The climax of Big Game is, when security thinks that the hunter was a woman not a man, but after all it was just a disguise. This was one of my favorite parts of the story. The climax also continues  when teddy, and summer (the owner’s daughter), go to one of teddy's friend’s aunt and uncle's ranch and find out some good suspects that they never really any evidence on. Also, in the story there were many events of teddy and his parents trying to catch the hunter, each time he got away, but on the first try, teddy's mom breaks her leg trying to run after him. The climax continues when teddy and summer go to check out where security thinks that the hunter shot from, at SafariLand, once they are there, they almost fall into the crocodile pit, but they escape safely. This was one of the most scary parts of the book.

The falling action in Big Game starts to happen when they set up a camera to watch the monkey that they think is escaping and catch him in the act! Then, story ends when Teddy finally finds out who shot at the rhinos, it was 2 of the zoo's employees. They almost escaped the zoo with the real rhino horns, that are worth over 1 million dollars.

The resolution of the story is  when teddy caught the two hunters and had to do it a weird way too, by making the elephants stampede again. They almost made it away with the real horns, when the zoo had the fake ones!  I really liked how the author made the book end how it started, it was interesting.

The theme of Big Game is mystery, the author shows this theme by having you wonder who shot at the rhinos all through the story and added many other stories inside the book to continue with the mystery theme. H. I really liked how this book was a mystery type of book, and I really liked how it continued from the other books in the series, and how there were 2 other mysteries inside the main story. I didn't like how the book was very long. I recommend this book to anyone that likes mystery type books and people who like animals would also enjoy this book.

Contributed by: Bobby Dengel

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