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Fahrenheit 451 Review

Title: Fahrenheit 451
Author: Ray Bradbury
Pages: 159
Genre: futuristic fiction
Awards: Prometheus Hall of Fame Award and Retro Hugo Award for Best Novel

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The main character/protagonist of the book is Guy Montag. He’s a pretty average guy. Nothing weird about him happens until one day…one very important character is Faber, you meet Faber after Guy steals books and gets into trouble with the captain of the fire station. The reason he becomes a very important character is, because he’s an old english professor who helps Guy with his certain mission.  The action in the book takes place when the mechanical dog chases after Guy. I otherwise do not find any other part exciting. The book starts out very simple. New Guy named Guy Montag, a fireman. Oh and one other thing firemen in this futuristic time are people that burn all books. Books are now illegal.

During the rising action the fire station has killed an old woman. He decides to go against the rules and he steals a book.  The night after, he does not go to work. Then he finally realizes he doesn’t like the people he works with or his job at all. Captain Beatty came and gave him a speech about how some firemen take books, and after 48 hours, if he does not give the book back they burn the book for him.  The climax happens when he disregards Captain Beatty and goes ahead and keeps the book. Then he meets up with an old english professor, and they talk about books. Then Faber said he wouldn’t help him. Then he started to rip apart the bible.  Faber finally agreed to help him due to him not wanting to see the bible not being torn into pieces. Then, he goes back to his house. He all of a sudden snaps and starts reading sections of a book. Woman started crying. After that, the firemen all started chasing after him. The theme of this book was just because society says it's right doesn’t mean it has to be right. I believe that because Guy Montag went against all of his beliefs to do the right thing all in all.  I did not like the book simply because it was bland and boring. It had a very slow build-up and very slow starting. It also did make much sense to me. I might’ve been reading it wrong. I just do not think a lot of people my age should read it because, it’s hard to understand. The people who would like the book I read are people who enjoy classics. I believe that because of the books age. People who enjoy slow build-up and final outcomes would also enjoy the book.

Contributed by: Eli Dribben   

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