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Rapunzel Untangled Review

Rapunzel Untangled

Title: Rapunzel Untangled
Author:  Cindy C. Bennett
Pages: 304
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4/5 stars
Awards: Whitney Award nominee, 2013, Featured on USA Today's Happy Ever After review page, 2013 
    • “A suspenseful mix of romance, adventure, and dark arts,”...“compels readers to want to find out Rapunzel’s backstory as much as she does” (Booklist Review).

This book is a combination between adventure and romance because Rapunzel falls in love with a boy where they will both later explore the deeper meaning behind the Gothel Mansion. The book takes place in the Gothel Manor where all her adventures start. The main character, Rapunzel, has a disease called SCIDs and has been stuck in the same tower for as long as she can remember. The main conflict she faces is that she finds out Gothel isn’t her real mother. She goes through many steps trying to figure out why Gothel would even want her. The antagonist is Gothel, also known as Rapunzel’s “mother.”

Rapunzel was doing homework in her tower when she stumbled upon Facebook where she meets a guy named Fab Fane Flannigan. They start talking back and forth where they learned a lot about each other. Gothel has been going on a lot of business trips recently causing Fab to come by and bring different food and games to show Rapunzel. Rapunzel and Fab have been exploring the Mansion and going outside. After a couple of days of sneaking out together, they both go to a Halloween Party where Rapunzel gets sick. During her recovery, she overhears her mother keeping a secret away from her. Ever since that day, Fab and her have been trying to figure out the secret. Gothel finds out about Rapunzel sneaking out with Fab, and she gets really angry and decides to tell Rapunzel the secret. Rapunzel figures out that Gothel kidnapped her and was going to use her soul to bring back her dead daughter with the help of a wizard named Vedmak. For that to happen, Rapunzel would need to be healthy and they would need her long blonde hair. Turns out, Vedmak was using Gothel to get Rapunzel healthy, so he could bring back a witch from a long time ago. Vedmak creates an earthquake to try to kill Rapunzel and Fab. They both escape the mansion as it crumbles to pieces. Rapunzel ends up in the hospital where she figures out she’s not who she really is. Her name is actually Sara Rowley and her parents are divorced. Her birthday wasn’t June sixth, it was really December third. She didn’t have a place to go because her parents were practically strangers to her. Rapunzel ends up moving in with Fab and his family and they start dating.

The theme of my book is if you don’t adventure you’ll never know what nature has for you. I know this because if Rapunzel hadn’t sneaked out she would've never known that her mom was using her. She would of never been able to date Fab or known that she didn’t actually have SCIDs. I like how this story was a modern version of the original fairytale but I didn’t like how the beginning and middle were easily predictable. I also liked how the author developed a slight plot twist at the end of the story and also how she developed the characters. I recommend this story to mostly females, or anyone that loves to read romance and adventure.

Contributed by: Cecilia Ha

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