Friday, July 7, 2017

The Beyonders Book Review

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Title: The Beyonders
Author: Brandon Mull
Pages: 450 pages
Genre: Action/Adventure
Ratings: 4/5 stars
#1 New York Times Bestseller

The setting of my book is a medieval world and it fits the storyline perfectly. Manly because it sets up the characters having to do quests for the people of the world. The main character’s name is Jason and his main objective is to get home. But along the way he meets another outsider just like him from earth named Rachel. Together they form a romantic relationship. The entire story starts out with Jason working at a zoo and he falls in the hippo cage while cleaning it. Instead of him dying though he gets transported to a new world. Once he was in the new world the first thing he found was a library with the keeper of all knowledge. The keeper told him that his way back was to kill the evil emperor by finding a word within the world and if said in his presence would kill him. He and Rachel soon find each other and set out on their quest to find the word. Then entire middle of the book is when they find the book and then they find the emperor. Jason took his opportunity and said the word in front of him but it didn't work. This was huge because once he said the word and was taken to a dungeon. At the dungeon one of his enemies from the past comes back to save him and then eventually tries to drown Jason while Jason trusts him. Instead of dying another portal opens up and Jason gets saved. During this time Jason changes his objective to getting home to getting back so he can kill his enemy. The theme of my book is to never give up. A really good example of this is at the start of the book Jason wanted to kill himself but didn't and found the library. One super good thing about this book is the way the author could keep your attention to the book. He did his by always adding a twist in the story as soon as it started to get boring. Another good example is the romance in the book he added to keep it different. One thing I didn't like however was sometimes he wouldn't explain a place or an animal in the weird world. Any time they would move to a different place he would give minimum explanation to what is looked like of what the people were like. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books with action, adventure, fantasy, and a little bit of romance.

Contributed by Harry Trelz

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