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Red Blazer Girls; The Ring of Rocamadour by Michael D. Beil

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Red Blazer Girls; The Ring of Rocamadour
Author: Michael D. Beil
Lexile: 720
Length: 304 Pages
Genre: Mystery
Awards: None
Reading Ram Star Rating: 4.7 out of 5 Stars

          Sophie St. Pierre thinks her life is all normal. She goes to St. Veronica's School for girls, and has a pretty regular life. Then one day in the middle of English class, she looks out the window, and of course, screams. Sophie and her friends, Margaret Wrobel, Rebecca Chen, and Leigh Ann Jaimes, are enlisted to help an eccentric old woman retrieve something long forgotten, a present hidden by the woman's father. The gift, a birthday present to the old woman's daughter Caroline, was hidden away for 20 years. Now it is up to the girls to find the object before others do, using their wits and strengths to crack the clues and find the gift before it is too late. Can they find it, with all the problems and complications of middle school, not to mention many more internal problems within their little group?
          I absolutely loved this book, it is amazing! The humor in this book is so funny and I just love all the characters! Sophie St. Pierre, a common New York citizen, living on the upper east side of Manhattan. Then there is Margaret Wrobel, an astoundingly smart Polish girl. Rebecca Chen, a smart and sassy artist, whose work is amazing, as said by her friends. And finally there is Leigh Ann Jaimes, a sweet, easy to love, gorgeous actor who is the newbie in their tight group. Each of these characters were so well thought out, with specific traits, you wouldn't think any of them would be friends at all! Yet they are the tightest bunch of BFF's ever! The author did a really great job writing this book, the specific clues were each so well thought out, I could look back in the book and solve them myself! The crazy part is, the author is a boy! A boy, writing about almost teenage girls. He still did a really great job with it though! I would recommend this book to 4th graders-7th graders. It is kind of a young book, and not really an amazing book for boys. I myself got lost in this awesome story, as I'm sure you will too. You should definitely try it out, especially if you loved the Nancy Drew books, this is another great mystery!

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