Friday, November 13, 2015

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

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Ender's Game
Author: Orson Scott Card
Lexile:  780
Length: 357 Pages
Genre: Science Fiction
Awards: None
Reading Ram Star Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

                       Ender Wiggin is just one of three genius children. Not only that, but he is the youngest too. A third. Most parents only have 3 kids. So Ender is constantly mistreated by everyone. He has an older sister Valentine, and an oldest brother, Peter. He has had a monitor, that is what the government uses to watch them, since he was three. He is 6 years old now, but that doesn't change much. It is an incredibly long time to have a monitor in, and Peter is jealous of him. Peter is sweet and charming to the adults, but to Ender and Valentine, he is a monster. Then after a fight, Ender is sent to Battle School, the very thing the monitor was testing for. In Battle School, Ender is singled out immediately for being so brilliant, but it doesn't last long. He  makes some friends, but the commanders of Battle School had other plans for him. He joins one of the armies, Salamander Army. They are made up of kids, but none as young as Ender. He is hated there too. Finally, he is moved to his own army. Then rushed up to Command School. And what happens there will change Ender's life forever.
                        I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! I was reading it in school, and I just couldn't stop! Once you get started, you will just need to keep reading and reading and reading. It is a very complex book, and I believe it deserves more than a 780 lexile. There was hard vocabulary in it. I have a high lexile and there were couple words I didn't understand. There was a little bit of cussing in it, but nothing extremely profane. You should definitely try this book out in your free time!!!

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