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Ink and Bone; The Great Library by Rachel Caine

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Ink and Bone; The Great Library
Author: Rachel Caine
Lexile: None Yet
Length: 368 pages
Genre: Fantasy/Dystopia
Awards: None
Reading Ram Star Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars

                 This is a world where the Library rules everything. You may think that is a good thing, but it is not. At all. They control what the people know, and what they aren't allowed to know. By using a powerful new technology called Alchemy, they can copy any book into their system effortlessly. Since the library has all of the knowledge, they have all of the power. Their empire stretches around the world, with members in almost every city.
                  Jess' dad is a rich man. Rich from selling real copies of books. The very books that the all-powerful library ABSOLUTELY forbids. So if anybody finds out about their family, they will be arrested. Jess likes reading the books that his family sells. His family sometimes say that he has ink in the blood. Which is why they send him to be one of the Libraries' assistants. To train there, but also to be his family's spy. As the challenges given by the library grow and grow, Jess wonders how long he can stay loyal to his family. And how long it will take before somebody finds out about him. He meets some amazing people, and one with an even bigger secret then his own. But will he uncover things about the library, or will he be loyal to them?
                   I LOVED this book! It was amazing! I think that it might be one of my favorite books. Yes, it is THAT good. It only came out this year, so the rest of the series isn't out yet. I am DYING for it! It was amazing! The author rewrote history in a way that wasn't necessary, but gave it a nice touch when you are reading it. For example, it mentions in the book that Alchemy was discovered in the 14 or 1500's. You didn't need to know that, but it is a nice to have a little backstory. The reason I gave this book 4.9 Stars though, was because of Jess' name. It is so common. Please, author, make it more interesting. It is a world where the library has taken over! Make it something cool from history. All of his other friends from his library training has interesting, and very nice names. I know I shouldn't be this nit-picky, but I just disliked that when I was reading it. Of course, I finished it in about a day, so I didn't have to struggle very long. :) I would recommend this book to 5th grade and up. No inappropriate parts, but it is complicated, and you need to be old enough to comprehend it. But you should SERIOUSLY try this book out in your free time. You won't regret it. TRUST ME.

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