Friday, December 9, 2016

Title: Scorpia Rising
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Pages: 402
Genre: Action, Fiction
Awards: This author has won many awards
Rating 4/5 stars
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Scorpia rising is an action-packed adventure full of high speed chases and gunfights. Scorpia Rising is about a teenage spy named Alex rider who works for M16 or the British Intelligence Agency. He has worked for them on many occasions and is one of the most lethal spies ever! His father John Rider and uncle Ian Rider both worked for M16 but sadly they were K.I.A (killed in action). Alex’s main conflict is against Scorpia and their evil plans.  

Scorpia is a terrorist agency that is notorious for sabotage, corruption, blackmail, intelligence, killing, and of course blowing stuff up. Scorpia has been dogging Alex all of his life because on his first mission he foiled their plot to blackmail france and cost them millions of dollars! He has made Scorpia look like a fool on many occasions and now they are back for revenge. They lure M16 into a trap by sending out false evidence that leads to Cairo college, M16 is forced to use Alex who is trying to live a normal life by going to school and doing regular teenage stuff. They send Alex and Jack starbright (his nanny/mom) to Cairo undercover as a normal mom and son, so that Alex could go to the college and inspect the man of interest, Erik gunter who is supposedly undercover as a security guard. But one of Alex’s old enemies, Julius Grief, who was made to look exactly like him by his mad father has escaped from a maximum security prison and has teamed up with one of scorpia’s ringleader,Razim, to destroy Alex rider once and for all.

Alex rider and Jack starbright get captured and sent to a maximum security fort that doubles as Razim’s base and what Razim has planned for them nobody is ready for. Jack Starbright has an escape plan but it exactly what Razim wants and he tortures Alex by making him watch Julius Grief blow up the car that she is in and kill her. A rescue team soon storms the base and Alex rider escapes but he will never be the saame.In this book I like how it is written about a teenager so that I could relate to it, like having to go to school having friends, being on your phone etc. I also like how  it is unpredictable with twists and turns that I never saw coming! I would recommend this book to teens or pre teens and people who like action books.

Contributed by Emmanuel Martin

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