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Author: Louis Sachar
Pages: 233
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Awards: John Newbery medal, National Book Award for Young People's Literature, Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award
Rating: 5/5 stars

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The protagonist in Holes is Stanley Yelnats, he is under a curse because of his great-great grandfather, and because of this curse he is sent to a boys detention center where the kids have to dig one hole a day. The detention center is located in the desert.

Stanley is wrongly convicted of a crime and is sent to a detention center for boys. At this detention center the boys have to dig one hole a day. Stanley finds out that they are digging to find a treasure that kissing Kate Barlow (an outlaw that stole from money from different towns) buried the treasure  somewhere in the desert, and that one of the people she robbed was his great grandfather. This is where he meets this boy named Zero, and they instantly become friends because they both do not belong there. They form a bond quite quickly because they are from the same town. The kids call him Zero because he is very quiet and says zero words. But after some time, Zero runs away from camp, and inspired by Zero, Stanley runs away soon after. They soon reunite in the desert and climb a mountain to find food when they make it to the top they find onions to eat and water. They later sneak back to camp to try to find the treasure. , so they went back to hole where  they found a lipstick case with Kate Barlow's name on it buried in a hole. This is where they found the treasure, but right as they pulled it out, the head counselor caught them. After a while stuck in the hole, Zero found out that the treasure said Stanley’s name on it, and they got to go home with the treasure and the camp was shut down., Stanley and Zero split the treasure because there was a lot of it.

I think that theme is never give up. It is that because Stanley and Zero never give up trying to survive when they run away. They were going through dehydration climbing the mountain but pushed to the top. I liked the ending. I also Liked when Stanley did not fit in and was the odd man out. I also liked how where were like two parts of the story, one with him great great grandfather getting cursed and the other with Stanley. Kids/teens would like this book.

Contributed by Henry McIntosh

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