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Slayers Review

Slayers Review
Title: Slayers
Author: C.J. Hill
Genre: Fiction, fantasy
Pages: 400
Rating: 4/5
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Slayers is a fictional novel, set in a time when dragons are real and waiting to come back to the 201st century. In the our the main character, Tori has been afraid of dragons sense she was a little girl. It doesn't matter how much she tells herself they’re there, they are not real, the fear of dragons is always looming over her. It had all only been a silly fear, that is until Tori decides to attend a certain dragon themed camp. Soon She starts to worry that fears are becoming reality. Strange things keep happening to her. For one Tori was put in a special “ advanced are of the camp that was far away from the rest of the camp. It doesn't take her long to notice that the camper who are there are strange too. They are crazy athletic and can do things like hit the target with an arrow from 80 ft away, and shooting with their eyes closed. But while Tori is at the camp she makes new friends like Dirk and Jessie, two boys she met when she first got there that just so happened to be in the advanced camp with her. Unfortunately she also makes enemies while she's there one is a girl named Lilly who started hating her on sight. But Tori will face more relationship dilemmas when she has to figure out how she feels for Jesse and Dirk. Tori doesn't get time to sort out her feelings out before her world gets turned around. Finally, Tori finds out why her and the other campers are in the “advanced camp”. She and the other campers are slayer slayer are people who fight her biggest fear dragons. By now Tori's life has taken a total 360, with training to use her new found slayer skills and struggling to sort out her new found feeling for Dirk and Jesse you would think life would just give her a break. but instead of getting to relax things turn for the worst when a real dragon appears in their home town of Washington D.C. Unprepared and with little training,Tori has to join the fight against it. Will they defeat the dragons? Is there a trader among them? Who is this Ryker guy we keep hearing about? I would suggest this book to you if you enjoy comedy, adventure, and a little romance. I would also suggest that if you read this book read the prologue; its very important and will help you understand the book.

Contributed by: Olivia Rhodes

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