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Pretty Little Liars Review

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Title: Pretty Little Liars
Author: Sara Shepard
Pages: 286
Genre: Mystery, Realistic -Fiction
Rating 5/5 stars

Pretty Little Liars is realistic fiction because these girls are going through a normal high school life except their friend Alison is missing. Mystery because Alison DiLaurentis goes missing and the girls gets messages from this so called “A” who they don’t know who it is.

Pretty Little Liars takes place in Rosewood, Pennsylvania in present day. Rosewood is where Alison went missing and are trying to figure out Ali’s disappearance three years later. The four main characters are Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin. The girls are getting texts/messages about their past and present actions from this so called “A”. Alison DiLaurentis was the four girls best friend until she went missing.

It starts out with Ali going missing. Three years later Ali is still missing. Aria comes back to Rosewood from living in Iceland and finds a love interest at the bar Snookers, which they ended the day making out in the women’s bathroom. The guy’s name was Ezra Fitz which Aria finds out that Ezra is her english teacher. Spencer’s sister, Melissa, brings her new boyfriend, Wren, which later on in the book Spencer kisses him. This makes Melissa and Wren break up, which made the Hastings very upset. Emily mets a the new girl Maya who moved into the DiLaurentis’s old house. Maya and Emily become closer and then they kiss. This is why Emily and her boyfriend Ben break up. Emily also quits swimming which she was amazing at and her parents didn’t want her to. Hanna made a new friend Mona after the girls went their separate ways. Mona and Hanna do a lot of bad things shoplifting from high end stores like Tiffany’s and drinking. Hanna stole her ex-boyfriend Sean’s car and then she crashed, so Hanna was called to the station by the cop Wilden. Mona got in the car with Hanna, but she wasn’t sent to the station. Hanna’s mom took care of it by sleeping with Wilden. They found Alison’s body at the back of the old house. Later that week they went the funeral for Ali and after the funeral Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily all got the same text from A, which said it all, that A is still there and he/she still knows everything.

Alison’s story teaches that there is no happy ending for everything. So when Ali went missing the girls still had hope she was alive, but they found out that she was dead, they knew it was the end of Ali. Also, when Ezra was done with Aria from that text from A, she knew it was over with him by the way he talked to her.

I liked how there was more detail than the show. Like how some chapters didn’t even happen in the show. Also, this book shows what the characters are going through which I liked. Last I liked that each chapter was a different girl’s and what they were going through and doing that day. There was nothing I didn’t like about this book. I recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery and/or realistic fiction. Also, I recommend this book to anyone who who watches or watched the show. It will change how you view the show.  

By: Rebecca Sachs

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