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Maze Runner Series #3 book...The Death Cure

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Title:   Maze Runner Series #3 - The Death Cure
Author: James Dashner.
Pages: 286
Genre: Action-Adventure, Science-Fiction, Mysteries
Rating: 4/5
Awards: NYT Best selling series

The Maze Runner: Death Cure is just action packed. For example They use launchers to fight their way out of WICKED or run as fast as they can to run away from Cranks which are basically zombies.The setting takes place in the Scorch. The scorch is a very hot filled with sand place it’s full of cranks and the Flare, which is a deadly virus. It also takes place in USA (Denver) there is a society with people and protection of the Flare virus, and the WICKED complex. The scorch is very very dangerous. It's filled with infected cracks, In Denver there is just too much to heat. What i mean by that is that WICKED could be anywhere and they don't know who to trust there in Denver. Thomas was the protagonist. His main goal is to destroy WICKED. Which is also their main conflict. Another character is Newt; he's another friend of Thomas's who isn't immune to the Flare. Which means he can get the Flare, the deadly virus that attacks your brain and starts to make you go mad like a zombie. Previously in the Maze Runner.Thomas who was a test subject for WICKED. In case you were wondering WICKED is a covert organization, who do evil things to young adults and have evil motivations and will do anything to find a cure. They have done evil trials that caused a lot of Immunes to die.Before he was captured in after the Scorch he was doing a dangerous trial which was in a maze that changes every night with a dangerous creature. Some of them were stuck there for 2 years but Thomas lead the group out in 2 weeks after there little “Prison Break” that got them out of the Maze. They Figured out why there were there it was because they were part of the group that were immune to the flare. The Flare is a dangerous virus that slowly eats your brain. They hated Wicked and then they were captured by an unknown so called ally who hated WICKED, but Thomas knew something was up.He and his friend Minho found out they were WICKED and doing tests on teenagers like Thomas. So, then he escaped into the Scorch where all the infected Cracks were. But when they were safe from WICKED and the infected  Teresa told Wicked where they were and captured Thomas and his friends. After that Rat man who was like a acting manager explained what Thomas was. He was immune to the Flare along with others and that they are very close to a cure. But Thomas couldn't trust them. So he decided to rebel against them with his friends. But he knew going out there would be dangerous because of the infected people who hate people like Thomas and the flare being on the loose and that the fact Newt can get the Flare easily. Thomas’s goal was to destroy and watch WICKED burn to the ground. After their other little “Prison Break” they found out they have mini chips in there heads that could control them, so Thomas and his friends go out to a ex-WICKED employee and ask if they could take the chip out. But he was a little late and WICKED were in control of Thomas. So Minho knocked him out and Hans the Ex-employee took out the chip off Thomas and Minho.

When they got back to the plane they found a note that said:
“They got in somehow. They’re taking me to live with the other Cranks. Its for the best. Thanks for being my friends. Goodbye."

Thomas knew he had to save him. After all the sacrifices he had made for him. He asked everyone if they had any ideas. Jorge knew Newt was at a Crank Place and that all cities have a Crank Place. He goes and finds Newt going mad trying to break him out, but the problem is Thomas found another note saying, “if you see me kill me”. When they were escaping Newt was starting to turn into a crack because he’s not an immune. When he was turning, he told Thomas to shoot him and kill him. Thomas couldn't do it; he was his best friend he didn't want to give up on him. Newt begged him and didn't want to become one of them. So Thomas pulled the trigger and killed him. Thomas was going to do something to avenge. This is book is honestly amazing. You must read it. Its got this special hook to it and you just don’t want to stop reading. Like a T.V show for example something happens and the show ends. You're wondering what will happen next, but sadly you wait a week to see what happens next. The good news is you don't have to wait it's all in there. This book is fantastic astonishing and etc. I suggest you read this series.   

Contributed by: Arsalan Sadat

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