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Title: Stained
Author: Cheryl Rainfield
Pages: 304
Genre: Mystery
Rating: 4/5 stars

This book is a jaw dropping mixture of mystery, heroism, friendship, and faith because Sarah Meadows is forced to discover things about herself she never knew. The action in this book mostly takes place in this strange house/room that Sarah cannot see because she is blindfolded. The setting affects the story because it makes it more mysterious and it makes the reader curious about where she is reading. Sarah Meadows was born with a port-wine stain on her face. She is kidnapped on her way home one day. Her main conflict is trying to escape the prison room/house she is being kept at. Nick, is Sarah’s friend from school. They are both outsiders. As the chapters rotate perspective, the author shows us how much Nick really cares for Sarah.

Sarah Meadows was walking home from school one day, when Brian, Mr. Meadows’ co-worker, kidnaps Sarah. Sarah is blindfolded and has no idea where she was taken to. Is at a house? Or just a room with no bathroom or bed? She only has 4 senses to find out. Brian keeps Sarah there for a long time. She misses her family and has to find a way to escape. As time passes by, Sarah is getting used to living there even though she is still blindfolded, starving, and dirty. Meanwhile, Nick is trying everything he can to get Sarah back. Will he rescue her? Will Brian kill Sarah? Read the book to find out.

The theme of this book is courage, hope, and love. I know this because Sarah has to find the courage she never knew she had to stand up for herself towards Brian. Even though Sarah think of giving up, she never gives up hope. Neither does Nick. Everyday Nick has hope Sarah will come back or that he will find her. What I liked about this book was that I didn’t know what was going to happen next. I liked the fact that my heart was beating really fast as I was reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. What I didn't like was that some things Sarah said was always talking about what it would be like if she escaped towards the middle of the book, and that got a little annoying. I would recommend this book to almost everyone above the age 13. Boy or girl. At first it might seem a little scary and harsh, but after all you will LOVE this book.  

By: Lili Toledano

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