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Surviving the Applewhites Review

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Title: Surviving the Applewhites
Author: Stephanie S.Tolan
Pages: 240 paperback
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Award: New York Bestseller

I had a great journey being with the protagonist, Jake, and seeing him evolve from evil to good in this realistic fiction, but since I’m done with the book I actually feel relieved. It was a good story but I just couldn’t relate to any characters. I guess I’m biased toward my life but that's beside the point.

Starting from the beginning , the main protagonist is Jake. Not much is said about his past other than his parents went to jail he burned down down his school on purpose.Or did he? But back on topic that’s all that’s said about his backstory and it left me craving for more.

The main story was great though. The characters had relationship you cared for, but even though the Applewhites seemed like the same person with different interest they all had unique characteristics which make this book a great realistic fiction. All except for one. Ed Applewhite who is a strict girl who says she isn’t as creative as the Applewhites. But no matter how much he bothers her, she still treats Jake like a brother.And even though I couldn’t relate to the play, I could relate to the preparation and the behind the scenes they use to make their barn into a surprisingly successful theatre.

 So the worst thing about this book was at most times it was just plain boring for me to read.These sections seemed to take up a quarter of the book and were very unnecessary.Maybe these parts were supposed to represent the book’s theme family  “The kid (Destiny) had began explaining to anyone who would listen that Jake was the "bestest brother in the whole wide world." Or the other theme friendship. "He had gone out to the woods, Winston (The Applewhite family's dog) tagging along loyally."

Which I would understand why they added it but they could’ve had the same affect on me without them. But in the end I enjoyed the book with all the excessive details and plot holes. I’d rate this book 3.5/5 stars. Really well written but not relatable to me. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. That is my opinion on "Surviving the Applewhites."

Contributed by Dontrell Thomas

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