Friday, January 15, 2016


Author- Alan GratzJack Gruener, and Ruth Gruener
Lexile- 760
Page count- 260 pages
Genre- Realistic fiction
Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
It is on the St. Louis Area 2015-16 Book Battle Reading List

The book is based upon a real story about survival. In the 1930's a Jewish boy in Poland named Yanek, has his life change when the Nazis have taken over his world. Everything he has, and everyone he loves have been taken away. Yanek becomes a prisoner and is tattooed with the words. 

He is forced from one harsh concentration camp to another - 10 concentration camps to be exact. All of these places where he is starved, tortured, worked to the bone, and taught to be numb while somewhat surviving. It's something no one could imagine enduring.

Prisoner B-3087 is a rich book chockfull of detailed personal and emotional restraints, growth, revelations, and unspeakable infractions thrusted upon the human spirit. I connected with Yanek, the main character, on many levels; yet, at the same time, I could not imagine what he endured. Grit, loss, love, hope, fear, pain, mental anguish, self-discovery, religions faith...this book has it all. I enjoy most books I read, and this book will always haunt and inspire me.

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