Friday, January 22, 2016

The Eye of the World

Author- Robert Jordan
Lexile- 810L
Page count- 782
Genre- Fantasy
Awards- Bestselling series
My rating- ⅘ stars!

Ever thought you were meant for something more? That's exactly not what young farmer Rand Al'Thor thought, but he still gets caught up in something dangerous when the Dark One's army tries to attack him. Now he must travel to the city of the Aes Sedai, the witches of the land, for protection. But as the story progresses, the mystery increases as unanswered questions pile up. Why are the Dark One's soldiers after him? Who around him are really spies for The Dark One? Will the Aes Sedai protect him, or do they also have a hidden motive? Bestselling writer Robert Jordan takes you on an exciting adventure full of magic, mystery and action. 

I have it 4/5 Stars for the book being an exciting ride through an extremely detailed land.

Contributed by Hiram A.

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