Friday, January 29, 2016

The Darkest Path

Author-  Jeff Hirsch
Lexile- 810
Page count-  pages
Genre- Dystopia, Adventure, Science-Fiction
It is on the St. Louis Area 2015-16 Book Battle Reading List

Have you ever had to make a touch choice? Every day Callum Roe has to make several tough choices - especially ones to keep his brother safe. Cal doesn't agree with the Glorious Path's message or existence, but he does what he can to survive. A Civil War has broken out between the Glorious Path - a military based religion created by one former US soldier, and the United States government.

Callum Roe and his little brother, James, were captured as young children and forced to convert by "choosing the Path." Each are given jobs to do, as well as prayers to memorize. Cal's main job is to be in charge of the dog kennels, and he tries to sneak them food when he can. He is sent out one day beyond the walls of the camp to find a stray dog, that eventually befriends him and travels along side him on his journey to freedom. Cal meets many kind people along his journey to escape "the Path." Many people make sacrifices to help him, and does what he can in return. This book is action-packed with many struggles within the main character, Cal, as well as external struggles. He attempts to save all he can around him, including the world. Such a huge task for a young man in a torn world.

If you like adventure and science-fiction, this is a great book to read.

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